Guardian for Michael Jackson’s Children

I would like to comment on what is happening. It seems all hell has broken loose ever since the Estate announced that they expected to clear all Michael’s debts by the end of the year and have in fact made $475 million since 09. We had the letter asking the Executors of the Estate to resign, we had claims the will was a fake,we had the children’s Guardian, Katherine Jackson, in an unknown location for 10 days and incommunicado to her 3 Wards. We had her removed as Guardian and a new Guardian appointed (TJ Jackson) temporarily. We had Janet Jackson trying to grab Paris Jackson’s phone out of her hand. We had police called in a ‘scuffle’ between 3 Jacksons at the children’s house they share with their Guardian Katherine Jackson. We had new security guards show up at 3 am asking where do the children go to school.

Bottom line: the Jackson family is dysfunctional. This has been clear from the time Michael Jackson revealed he was routinely beaten by his father when he was a child. Michael Jackson repeated this in at least 3 interviews–with Oprah, Martin Bashir, Rabbi Schmuley. (For this reason, his father was left out of his will, I presume.) There is a blog that details the child abuse reported not only by Michael but by other Jackson siblings. The Jackson children of Katherine and Joe were severely traumatized and if they have not gotten effective therapy they are still suffering from this. For this reason, this is not a good family for Michael’s children to be living in.

Michael’s children were not abused–their parent respected them and treated them with love. They should not be placed in an environment where they have to deal with irrational, overly emotional and severely damaged adults. Michael stated in his will that Katherine Jackson was to be the Guardian unless she was incapacitated and if so, Diana Ross was appointed as Guardian. Katherine is clearly unable to be an effective and responsible Guardian, as is apparent from her actions recently. A Guardian needs to be always available to the wards. If the Guardian is incapacitated, another perspn must take over. The children cannot be without a Guardian at any time.

Diana Ross needs to be given the opportunity to become the children’s Guardian. If she declines, the Court needs to appoint another Guardian. This should be a responsible, neutral person, not a member of the Jackson family, since it is a dysfunctional family. This does not mean that the children cannot visit with or even spend a great deal of time with or form strong bonds with members of the Jackson family. It simply means that no member of the Jackson family will be the children’s Guardian.

Michael’s children need to be evaluated by a court-appointed psychotherapist to see how they are doing not only dealing with the loss of their father but also with the chaotic and sometimes violent Jackson family. There are many reasons for such an ongoing evaluation, but mainly to be sure that the children are doing well and are healthy and well adjusted. They have had a lot to deal with in the past 3 years.

Finally, Katherine is not fit to be a Guardian by her age and her history as an enabler of child abuse.She still defends the practice of giving children ‘a licking’ as she said in recent interviews (Oprah, Piers on CNN). This does not mean she does not love the children or that she can’t be a grandmother. It just means she should not be the Guardian.